Terms, Conditions & Policy

  • * You will receive an e-mail confirmation after submitting your online registration form. Please state your name and show your "Confirmation number" at the registration desk on the day of the event. Your confirmation number is located in the confirmation e-mail. Please print out or write down the confirmation e-mail and show at the registration desk . (If the confirmation was sent to a mobile device, please show the confirmation screen on the device.) We will not send any confirmation by postal service. Confirmation numbers and uniform numbers are not the same.

  • * The Tottori Cycling Association events are NOT a RACE. These are health enhancement programs for the participants to enjoy cycling in the nature at your own pace.

  • * Traffic is expected at the parking area. Please obey the officers directions.

  • * Wear a helmet and gloves at all times, as well as provide reasonable protection on your own.

  • * It is mandatory for all participants to join the accident insurance the event provides (Death 3,000,000 Yen, hospitalization 3000 Yen/Day, outpatient 2000Yen/Day), however, any participants who consider the insurance inadequate may provide additional insurance by oneself.

  • * Tour de Daisen and Cycling marathon have several check points.

  • * Although water and supplemental snacks are provided at the check points, please provide your own drinks and snacks in case of insufficiency.

  • * All participants must stop at all the check points.

  • * Time restriction will be set up at the check points.

  • * Vechicle maintenance can be serviced, however, it might be inadequate. Please maintain your vechicle prior to the event.

  • * If you need to withdraw from the events, you must contact event officers and await further instructions.

  • * Organizers obtain portrait rights.

  • * We will handle your personal information under the privacy policy and will not use the information without your permission other than our Association organized event .

  • * In case of severe weather, the event may be cancelled.

  • * No refund will be made in any cancellation caused of any reasons.

  • * If an event cancellation is made by 9pm one day prior to the event, it will be posted on the Association official website.

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