Spring Bike or Run Go around 14 Shrines

This is a Relaxing and Refreshing event!

Organizer: Tottori Cycling Association

Supporting Organization: Yon ago Shrines Association, Yon ago City, Yon ago Board of Education, Yonago Tourism Association, BSS Broadcasting System of San-in, Chukka TV,Tottori Triathlon Association, Tottori Lifesaver club

Purpose of the event

To keep traffic rule and regulations, to create healthy body and soul, to touch local history and culture, and to pray for new years resolutions.
Regardless of age and or sex, we will hold the event in order for people to keep the environment a safe, healthy and beautiful place.


In this event, participants are visiting and collecting stamps from 14 shrines in the Yonago area by cycling or running.
You can visit any route, combine the use of a bike and running, switch runners, stop on the way, and you don't even have to visit all 14 shrines.
However, you are not allowed to ride double on a one-person bicycle. Since each check point (Shrine) has a stamp, please collect stamps on the map and complete within 4 hours.
Please use caution and watch for sloping roads and steps.

Date of event

2012, April 29 (FRI) Holiday *Showa day

Registration at "Port of Yonago" 8:30~9:00 (You can not park or enter the Heliport.)


9:00 Start ~ 13:00 Goal (Port of Yonago)

Meeting area

Port of Yonago (Start and Goal)


To register please please click here.

Registration deadline

2012, Apr 20 (Thursday)

How to register

To register please please click here

Tottori Cycling Association

Registration fees

Adult-- 1,000 Yen, Under 13--500 Yen


Tottori Cycling Association

Volunteers needed (First come first served base 20 people)

Volunteers will receive some compensation from the association.

Please email to Tottori Cycling Association


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