Tottori Cycle Marathon

Long ride cycling event

30th Tottory Cycling Marathon code of conduct

Event Purpose

Principal of Cycling is pedaling freely in Nature by yourself. In this event, you are not just pedaling, but setting the purpose of cycling, keeping the traffic regulation and considering the knowledge, ability and technique.


Japan Cycling Association (JCA)


Tottori Cycling Association (TCA)

Supporting Organizations and sponsors (expected)

Tottori Prefectural Board of Education Tottori Prefectural Phycical Association Youth Development Association Japan Cycling Organization Yonago City, Kurayoshi City, Daisen-cho, Kotoura-cho, Hokue-cho, BSS Broadcasting System of San-in, Chukai TV, Tottori Kei Car Association

Event Date

10JUN2012 (Sunday)
Canceled only in case of heavy rain. Starting at 9:00 AM

Course discription

A. Long course (120Km) Chateau odaka ~ Akasaki Sogo Undou Koen ~ Kurayoshi Sekigane-cho ~ Chateau odaka

B. Short course (70Km) Chateau odaka ~ Akasaki Sogo Undou Koen ~ Chateau odaka

Running procedure and time limit

Complete 70Km within 4 hours, 120Km within 7 hours. Finishers will receive a certification.

Check point
  • 1.Akasaki Sogo Undo Koen (both Long course. Short Course)
  • 2.Kurayoshi Sekigane-cho (Long course)
    You must stop and be checked by officers.

08:00 Registration desk opens
09:00 Starting
08:50 Breif meeting
16:00 Goal closing

Meeting area

Chateau Okada , 2377 Odaka Yonago, Tottori

Eligibility for participation

Both men and women who are capable of completing the race under 7 hours, as well as healthy and able to keep traffic rules and regulations.

Entry fee

General 3,000 Yen

Members of Tottori Cycling Association 2,500 Yen

Maximum number of participants



Sunday 27,May 2012(We will verify by the payment confirmation.)


Tottori Cycling Association

Please submit your registration form online.

* Privacy policy notice. Your personal information provided for registration is used only for this event, for insurance procedures and to send upcoming event information and we do not sell or give information to third parties. Upon completion of the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation which completes the registration process. Please keep the copy of your payment information.

How to register

Currently registration is closed.

Please read carefully before registration process.
  • ・Registration fee is Non-Refundable. We do not refund any fees for any reasons.
  • ・Personal information is used only for this event, insurance procedures, and send upcoming event information
  • ・Registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the date of event. (Payment confirmation is verified, then accepted.)
Accident insurance

Death or injury associated with athletic cycling event is participants’ sole responsibility. Participants have a responsibility to report any accidents happened during the event no matter how small the accident is. The report must be completed within the day of the events. If you are not able to report the incident on the same day, you must do so within 2 days of the completion of the event. Otherwise, the insurance provided by the event will not cover the incident. (Accident insurance detail, Death-3,000,000Yen; Hospitalization-3,000Yen/day; xxxxx 2,000Yen/Day

Remarks; Terms, Conditions & Policy
  • 1.Payment is non-refundable. No refund will be made in case of severe weather cancellation.
  • 2.Recovery vehicles are arranged. Participants are responsible to repair and deal with troubles after starting.
  • 3.Retired participants must report to the event organizers by phone. Phone number is provided the day of events.
  • 4.Participants must have a copy of their health insurancy policy with them at all times.
  • 5.Participants must wear helmet, and ride bikes on the left side of the road. Please obey all traffic rules and regulations.
  • 6.Eating time during the event is included in the running time. You may provide your own lunch or go to a restaurant near by.
  • 7.Participants must purchase the accident insurance provided by the event. Please provide your “Date of birth”, “Emergency Contact”. and “Course” (A or B whichever you are participating) in the correspondence space on the deposit slip when you are making payment.
  • 8.Participants who belongs to group must include “Home Address” and “Phone number”
Course map

Click here for the Course map
Former participant has provided this course map to the web.

Volunteers needed (First come first served limited to 20 people)

Volunteer staffs receive benefits. Please contact Tottori Cycling Association by e-mail. info@tottori-ca.jp

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