Hill climb in Daisen

Approaching to the spectacular Mt. Daisen!

10th Hill climb in Daisen

Organizer: Tottori Cycling Association

To Daisen & Bike lovers….
Hill climb in Daisen will be held. The course is 14.1 Km, 670m above sea level and goal at Masumizu Kogen where you can see the most beautiful Daisen scenery.Please join us today!
Event notice is distributed via official web and email only. Please tell your friends!!!

Purpose of the event
  • ・The course is set easier than the Tour de Daisen so that more people can participate and enjoy different scenic views of Daisen.
  • ・To familiarize people with cycling and discover the beauty of Mt. Daisen.
Date of event

2012, Oct 21 (SUN) Meeting time at 10:00 am Starting at 10:30

Max participants


  • A. Expert
  • B. Intermediate
  • C. Beginners

Please verify your participation category by yourself.This is Not a race so there are no awards ceremony. The event will depart by category.

Meeting area

Odaka Yonago city, Tottori prefecture Chateau Odaka (ex-Yonago heights)

Course overview

From Odaka to Masumizu Kogen 14.1Km and 45~715m above sea level
Road from Odaka to Daisen Garden Place is mostly regional farm road. Road from Daisen Garden Place ~ Daisen Golf Club ~ Daisen Farm ~ Milk no Sato ~ Daisen Kogen Hotel

Registration fee

General admission 2,000 yen

Tottori Cycling Association members 1,500 yen

Registration deadline

2012, Oct 7 (we will accept once payment has been confirmed.)

How to register

Please register at the registration page.


We do not accept any payment via postal transfer and direct deposit.

Please read carefully before registering.
  • ・Registration fee is fully NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • ・Your personal information will be used only for the cycling event notification.
  • Registration deadline is 2 weeks before the event date.
Other remarks
  • ・After completing the registration, you will receive registration confirmation by email. Please bring the confirmation to the event.
  • ・We will have a timekeeper, however, this is not a race.
  • ・The event ends at the goal.
  • ・Please wear helmet and gloves. Please provide your jacket yourself.
  • ・You must purchase the accident insurance. Those who think it is not good enough can provide your additional insurance yourself.
  • ・No check points are located. Please provide your own supplemental foods and drinks.
  • ・Restrooms are located at the starting and goal area.
  • ・The event may be canceled due to severe weather.
  • ・The event offer is only by website or e-mail. If you have an email address or need to change the registered email address, please contact us.
  • ・If an event cancellation is made by 9pm one day prior to the event, the information will be posted on the Association official website.
Volunteers needed (First come first served limited to 20 people)

Volunteers will receive some compensations from association.
Please email to Tottori Cycling Association.info@tottori-ca.jp

To register please please click here.

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